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Version: 2.2.0



final Moment now =;

print(now.calendar()); // Today at 03:00 PM

If the date is further than 7 days, result will be a date time formatted with MomentLocalization.localizationDefaultDateFormat, and hours omitted.

final epoch = Moment.fromMillisecondsSinceEpoch(0);

epoch.calendar(); // 1/1/1970


Changing reference

By default, calendar date is calculated from the current date time. You can change that by providing a custom reference date.

var now = DateTime(2023, DateTime.july, 14); // Current time
var ref = DateTime(2023, DateTime.july, 15);

now.calendar(omitHours: true); // Today
now.calendar(reference: ref, omitHours: true); // Yesterday

Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday... I know, it can be confusing.

Omitting hours


var yesterday = - const Duration(days: 1);

yesterday.calendar(); // Yesterday at 01:17 AM
yesterday.calendar(omitHours: true); // Yesterday

Hours are omitted if the date is further than 7 days.