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Version: 2.2.0

Common mishaps

Mishaps mentioned below is not moment_dart specific, and are quite common when working with DateTime objects.

Using methods on object with UTC

DateTime that come from APIs, parsed from ISO 8601 strings, processed through libraries (i.e., OpenAPI, and other code generation tools) are very likely to be anchored in UTC timezone. But most of the time, you would want to display date time in the user's local timezone. Here are some examples and fixes:

Example: displaying wrong date

In this example, local timezone is ET (UTC-7)

Because DateTime came from the API was in UTC, we are 7 hours ahead.

final User user = Api().getUserById("3838dda1-6956-4754-a5c6-a29634e9fa54");
// user.createdDate -> 2023 Jun 2, 11AM (Eastern Time)

print(user.createdDate.LT); // 6:00 PM


Convert to local timezone first.

print(user.createdDate.toLocal().LT); // 11:00 AM

Example: messing up calculation

In this example, local timezone is ULAT (UTC+8)

Our days calculation is off by single day, because startDate was at 7 AM (UTC+8), which is 1AM at the day before in UTC timezone. For important calculations (i.e. banking), these kind of miscalucations have huge penalty.

final raw = await SharedPreferences.getString("startDate"); // [ISO 8601]( string
assert(raw != null);

final startDate = Moment.parse(raw!);

// We're off by -1 days
final days = startDate.differenceInDays(; // 48


Convert to local timezone first.

final days = startDate.toLocal().differenceInDays(; // 49